Choosing a Reward

Choosing the right reward is crucial to having a successful quest. At the current moment, we only support ERC20 tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

To begin, first select which network you want users to receive the reward on. Then choose the token that you'd like to use (NOTE: The network the reward is on can be different than the network the action is on).

If you don't see a token that you'd like to use, we are carefully evaluating new tokens on a periodic basis.

After selecting the reward, you will choose the reward amount. You can pick from a recommended reward which is determined by similar quests that have performed well, or a gas rebate option, which is calculated by the approximate gas cost required for a user to complete a quest. Note: If you choose a low reward amount, users may not complete the quest due to gas costs. If you choose too high of a reward and there is no allowlist, you may risk having users creating new wallets to complete the quest. Choose carefully!

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