Quest Referrals

This program is designed to create a win-win-win scenario benefiting quest completors, quest referrers and Quest Protocol.

Referrer Benefits:

  • New Revenue Stream: Referrers can create a new revenue stream by layering in quests for given projects. As referred users complete quests, the referrer earns 0.000025 ETH from the claim fee of each completed quest. These referral fees are automatically distributed via smart contracts ensuring transparency and timeliness.

  • Onchain Contribution: Referrer contributions to the quest protocol are logged onchain providing a verifiable record of their impact within the ecosystem.

Quest Completor Benefits

  • Learning and Rewards: Quest Completors get the opportunity to learn about crypto protocols by completing interactive quests and earning token rewards.

  • Onchain History: Completing quests is a great way for users to build out their onchain history and demonstrate their value in supporting the crypto ecosystem.

Quest Protocol Benefits:

  • Expanded Distribution: Quest Protocol benefits from the expanded distribution of quests. This leads to greater engagement, community growth, and a wider reach.

Getting Started with the Protocol Referral Earnings Program

  1. Quest Promotion: You can find your personal referrer tracking links within the RabbitHole in both the "Referrals" section and within each Quest Details page. The tracking link format will simply have a “wallet_ref=[address]” tracking parameter attached to the end of the RabbitHole link you’d like to use.

  2. Track and Earn: When users click your referral links and complete quests on RabbitHole, you'll earn 0.000025 ETH from the claim fee for each completed quest. Users often complete many quests in a given session and you’ll get credit for all of the quest completions driven from your clicks. These referral fees will be automatically sent to your wallet via smart contract at the time of quest completion.

We’re excited to get the opportunity to partner with you! If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop into our Discord.

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