Mission & Principles

We believe that the future of work will become increasingly independent but coordinated. A growing population of individuals will look to break away from traditional corporate structures and discover new economic opportunities onchain. Contributing to protocols will become one of the most common jobs on the Internet.

Our mission is to create the essential public infrastructure to connect protocols to the most suitable and aligned participants. But beyond supporting protocol growth, our purpose to facilitate onchain participation is to ultimately increase economic opportunities for every individual.

To achieve this, we designed Quest Protocol with the following principles in mind:

  • No permission should be necessary. Anyone should be able to deploy a quest without needing permission. True decentralization means opening up contributor opportunities beyond the core team and to the broader community.

  • Targeting strategies should be adaptable. Protocols must continuously adjust their allowlist and token distribution strategies to attract the most suitable participants aligned to the protocol’s long-term growth.

  • Token distributions are iterative, experimental games. Much like traditional advertising strategies, distributing incentives should be an ongoing growth experiment aimed to optimize outcomes and behaviors. We believe that protocols should deploy multiple micro-quests and iterate based on results, rather than launch one-time airdrops.

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