How do I deploy a quest?

To create a quest, you will need tokens in your wallet to be distributed as the quest reward. Currently, we support a limited number of networks with a limited number of tokens. If you wish to use tokens outside of what is available, please open a support ticket in our discord. You will also need gas tokens to deploy the quest contract on the supported network of choice.

Does the action and reward have to be on the same network?

Nope! You can deploy quests with an action required on one network, with the reward being distributed on another.

What networks can I distribute tokens on?

We currently support Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum. If you want us to add a new network, please let us know here.

What participants should I choose for my quest?

When creating a quest, quest creators can either choose from recommended lists made by the core team or you can upload your own list of addresses through a CSV upload. Choosing your participants depends entirely on the goals of the quest.

How can I create my own Allowlist?

To create an Allowlist, you can upload a CSV and save it in the "Allowlists" section of the Quest Terminal UI. When deploying a new quest, you can choose from your saved allowlists instead of having to upload a new CSV each time.

Why is there a fee to create a quest?

Quest Protocol requires a fee upon each quest completion. The fee is 20% per reward distributed to participants. For example- if the quest completion reward to the user is 1 OP, there is a 0.2 OP fee paid to Quest Protocol for a total cost of 1.2 OP.

What happens to the tokens that are remaining in the contract when the quest is completed?

If there are any tokens in the contract, the quest creator can withdraw the tokens in the contract after the time in the quest runs out. This applies to both unused user rewards and unused tokens from the protocol fee deposit. You can withdraw the tokens by clicking into a quest and viewing the details.

Where does my quest appear when it is created?

When the quest is deployed, the quest appears on RabbitHole and any Quest Protocol interface.

What reward amount do I use for the reward amount?

If you price the quest too low, users may not complete the quest. If you price the quest too high and you don’t have an Allowlist, there is a risk of users creating multiple wallets to farm the rewards.

What is a gas rebate?

If you’re looking to incentivize users for gas for doing a transaction, you can create a quest. Note: the reward is fixed during the duration of the quest. The reward amount may be slightly higher or lower than the gas cost as a result.

How can I schedule a quest?

You can schedule a quest through the time picker. You can either have the quest start immediately or schedule it in the future. Quests have a maximum duration of 30 days.

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