Ecosystem Challenges & Solutions

Maintaining and nurturing user engagement has been a long-standing challenge for many protocols. Conventional growth tactics like airdrops can generate initial excitement and increase user activity but often fail to sustain engagement in the long run.

This is a result of ineffective token distribution strategies and tools. To address these challenges, we’ve designed the tools and infrastructure for protocols to effectively engage with and distribute rewards to quest participants that bring the most value.

Key advantages of Quest Protocol include:

​​Effortless quest deployment: Creating quests is as easy as launching a traditional ad campaign. Define an allowlist, choose an onchain action, and deposit rewards within minutes, enabling iterative and experimental token distribution strategies.

Instant rewards claim: Quest participants can instantly claim rewards via the smart contract upon quest completion, creating an enhanced user experience. Quest creators and referrers also receive their rewards promptly.

Data-driven insights: Users can analyze quest performance with ease using platforms like Dune Analytics to create custom dashboards. Actionable insights empower users to optimize quest and token distribution strategies for ongoing success.

Precise audience targeting: Allowlists enable quest creators to attract the most suitable and aligned participants based on specific criteria like sybil-resistance, token holdings, and completion rates.

Equitable protocol rewards: Quest rewards are distributed fairly among all contributors, including quest creators, participants, and referrers. This incentivizes continuous engagement and support for network growth.

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