Protocol Rewards Overview

We believe everyone should be able to earn by participating in the growth of a protocol. That's why we launched Quest Protocol earlier this year, with tools like Quest Terminal to make deploying a quest onchain even easier. Protocol Rewards is the next step towards this vision by making it easy for anyone to earn for contributing to the growth of Quest Protocol itself. We're committed to making participation in the crypto ecosystem more accessible and rewarding for everyone.

The 4 Roles in the Quest Protocol Ecosystem:

  • Quest Creators - A wallet address that deploys a quest onchain

  • Quest Referrer - A wallet address that refers a quest participant to complete a quest

  • Quest Participant - A wallet address that completes a quest and earns a token reward

  • Core Team - RabbitHole team that is maintaining the quest protocol

There are 2 fees which are re-distributed to Quest Protocol contributors:

Protocol Fee- This fee is equal to 20% of the total rewards being distributed for a given quest completion. The distribution of this fee is broken down as follow:

Claim Fee- This fee is 0.000075 ETH paid by Quest Participant at the time of quest completion.

Total Rewards Summary

Collectively each role earns the following rewards.

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