Power Score

Power Score is a reflection of your journey within Quest Protocol. The more quests you complete and the more rewards you earn, the higher your Power Score. Each quest you complete has an associated point value that goes towards your power score, as noted in the screenshot below:

Quest Eligibility + Sybil Resistance Layer

The Quest Protocol is a dynamic quest marketplace, where quest creators can set eligibility criteria based on user attributes they’re seeking. Power Score will now be available to creators to help them to target the top 10% or 50% highest Power Score addresses on Quest Protocol. This system helps dedicated users get access to more exclusive quest opportunities.

Earning & Calculating Points

Every quest you complete on Quest Protocol has an associated point total for it which impacts your Power Score. Here's a breakdown of how points are calculated for each quest:

  • Base Points: Every quest, regardless of its complexity or reward, starts with a base of 10 points.

  • Reward-Based Points: These points are derived from the reward value of a quest. The higher the quest reward is, the higher the point total. Below is a table which lays out Marginal Point Bracket for how points are calculated for a given quest (functions like a marginal tax bracket). NFT reward quests are assigned a reward value of 100k Gwei for determining quest points.

Reward Point BracketsPoints Per Gwei

0 - 50k Gwei


50k - 250k Gwei


250k - 500k Gwei


500k+ Gwei


Example: A quest with a reward of 200k gwei would have points calculated as follows:

  • [Base] + [Reward-Based Points] = 10 + [(50k*.0002) + ((200k - 50k)*.0001)] = 10 + [10 + 15] = 35 points

Other notes:

  • There is a point cap of 250 for a given quest no matter how high the reward amount is.

  • Quests completed from the launch of Quest Protocol in February 2023 have their associated points calculated with the above method.

  • Point calculations for future quests may be subject to change.

You can stay up-to-date on your Power Score and ranking within the quest ecosystem here: https://rabbithole.gg/leaderboard

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