Submitting Actions

If you want your project and actions to be added to Quest Protocol, you will need to submit a request for review by the core team. We require projects and actions to be verified to ensure a level of quality for users and for technical integration purposes. It's also possible to get an action added by creating a plugin for it.

Requirements for Actions:

  • Actions must be onchain

  • Currently supports the following networks: Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon

  • A single action per quest - one contract address per action

Things we need to create an Action:

  • Action Type (ie. Swap, Stake, Lend, etc.)

  • Contract Address

  • Network that the contract lives on

  • URL to complete action

  • Action Description

  • ABI of the smart contract

  • Function name(s) that users call on the smart contract

At this time, submitting a plugin is our preferred method of submitting actions but requires more development effort. If creating a plugin isn't possible for your project feel free to follow this process still keeping in mind we're more likely to add plugins than actions.

To submit a new action, you can do so by filling out this form.

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