Quest Protocol

Introduction to Quest Protocol

Quest Protocol is the permissionless infrastructure to seamlessly connect onchain participants with onchain actions and foster sustainable network growth.
Our user-friendly applications like Quest Terminal and RabbitHole make it easy to create onchain actions known as quests and reward participation. At the heart of the ecosystem are Protocol Rewards—the mechanism designed to incentivize all contributors, including the quest creator, participant and referrer. The equitable distribution of rewards encourages ongoing engagement, ultimately boosting protocol growth and crypto participation.
Key features of Quest Protocol include:
  • Permissionless access: Any onchain individual or entity can deploy quests and distribute rewards.
  • User-friendly interfaces: Custom and intuitive interfaces to manage and interact with quests.
  • Audience targeting: Allowlists for quest creators to attract participants most aligned to their network’s goals.
  • Real-time performance insights: Real-time data to empower quest creators to measure, iterate and optimize quest strategies.